• Thanks to the full and effective support of Open Field, as well as its expertise, we were able to define and describe our needs for a knowledge management system.

    Ariane Claverie, Partner

  • Open Field helped us save valuable time in our computer system development strategy. Their development of the necessary specifications allowed us to receive easily comparable offers. The responsiveness of the team, its competency and efficiency make Open Field an essential partner.

    Laurence Raphael, Directrice

Our services

Strategic consulting in Information Systems quality and security

Companies are complex organizations. Their performance is influenced by the reliability of the information that is exchanged and developed every day through sometimes delicate internal balances.

An Information System must:

  • Outsourced CIO (Chief Information Officer)
  • Definition of strategic plan and business alignment
  • Mapping out the Information System
  • Calculating Return on Investment in computer systems
  • Setting up computer system governance
  • Outsourced CSO (Chief Security Officer)
  • Analyzing and managing risks
  • Establishing a security policy and an IT charter
  • Definition of Business Continuity Plan, Disaster Recovery
  • Implementation of ISO security standards
  • Intrusion tests
  • Keeping an eye on technology depending on the business
  • Business plans for projects
  • Analyzing Return on Investments for projects
  • Setting quality standards

Real improvements for your company:

  • Defining the optimal technical infrastructure to meet the current needs of the company and support future developments
  • Reorganizing IT skills to guarantee a level of service best suited to your situation
  • Managing the complexity of change on the technological aspect, as well on the organizational and cultural patterns
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by improving quality
  • Implementing a relevant, efficient reporting system
  • Understanding and controlling risks to your business’s security
  • Performing intrusion tests and issuing reports

A proven, tailor-made methodology.

Diagnostics and action plan

  • We ascertain your objectives and together, we define the scope of our involvement;
  • When the strategic context is clearly defined, we perform a detailed diagnosis of the situation;
  • Finally, we offer a pragmatic action plan to reach the identified objectives.


  • We support you in implementing the actions defined in the action plan;
  • We assist you with your teams in order to facilitate transitions and manage change;
  • We monitor results and verify that they correspond with your initial objectives.

Open Field

  • An innovative approach adapted to your company size!
  • A commitment to provide pragmatic solutions to improve your Information System
  • Project support to unleash the management spirit
  • Clear language based on the needs of the business and free from technological elements

Project management

Companies must overcome many technological challenges in order to remain competitive: adapting their Information System to legal constraints, launching a new internet platform devoted to customer service, changing IT equipment, integrating customer management software and choosing an efficient ERP.

To lead an IT project is not easy, and may put your company at risk if it is poorly managed. Moreover, integrators and developers tend to always offer the one single “right” solution, which ends up not meeting your needs. For various reasons, there is no shortage of bad experiences to use as cautionary tales.

In addition, the human factor in choices and change is often minimized or overlooked.

In order to avoid these pitfalls, we put our experience and expertise at your service:

  • Project Management Support (PMS)
  • Assistance in Project Management
  • Change management
  • Writing specification files
  • Writing functional specifications for application
  • Creating technical documentation

Open Field

  • An objective, independent point of view to help recommend solutions that meet your needs.
  • Controlled methods to ensure that commitments are kept.
  • Experienced, multi-disciplinary staff that are able to cover all fields of the company’s business.
  • Fully independent support as desired

IT Management

Today, information systems are present in every department of a company and are at the core of many processes.

They are unavoidable and must therefore be operational.

As such, the choices you make for your information system actively contribute to your company’s bottom line.

To help you be more efficient, we offer a range of computing services to help you in all operational fields.

We are your computing partners and can help you manage your system in harmony with your business.

  • IT architecture design
  • Installation and maintenance of IT infrastructures
  • Remote and on site Management of your systems
  • Environment supervision and monitoring
  • Multi levels Helpdesk

Open Field

  • Qualified computer experts
  • Commitment to the optimum availability of your information system
  • Customized service to adapt your computer system to the demands of your business
  • A controlled budget

About us

Open Field: serving your performance

Our mission

Advice companies to make the right choices in their strategic planning
Propose innovative solutions in complete independence
To help companies implement their projects

Experts serving leaders

As expert consultants in Information Systems, organization and project management, we support company management, CEOs and CFOs in reaching their objectives in order to ensure the company’s sustainability in terms of cost, performance, quality and security.

Simple solutions

We offer simple and concrete solutions to allow managers to implement their choices and reach their goals: to align IT to their business and improving their performance.

New methods

Our innovative, flexible methods and qualified staff allow us to guarantee your project’s success, meeting deadlines and controlling budgets.

The values at the core of all our relations

Independence and Integrity

We are not economically bound to any institution, company or any other organization. We guarantee that our priority is defending your interests and that our efforts are exclusively focused to fulfil the assignments you entrust us with: advising and supporting you.

Confidence and Respect

These form the basis of all our relations, both with our clients as well as with our staff; they are an essential foundation for a collaboration to be truly fulfilling.

Innovation and Openness

Our company exists in order to provide innovative solutions to our clients. We get off the beaten path in order to help create value over the long term.


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    No hablo IT: comment sensibiliser mon management aux besoins informatiques ?

    Après plusieurs années dans ma fonction de responsable IT, mon directeur me regarde toujours comme un geek, comme un coût et comme une personne qui ne comprends rien au business.

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  • 28 Oct 2015, 10:00

    L'automobile et l'informatique embarquée

    Le 28 octobre prochain aura lieu la 4ème FleetNight, qui, depuis 2012, récompense les innovations et meilleures solutions du marché automobile et fleet au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg.

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