Choose your ERP well : the steps to make the rigth choice

Choose your ERP well : the steps to make the rigth choice

Know your job well

Choosing your ERP is not only choosing the product at the best price or with the most beautiful advertising. Choosing an ERP solution means above all knowing your business and knowing your specificities and constraints on a daily basis. There are two main types of ERP, those that cover a very broad spectrum of industry and others that cover a more limited sector of activity.

It is essential to choose an ERP oriented on your field of activity, on your business, it is above all a ready-to-use solution that adapts easily and quickly, and it is just as important to be supported during this implementation. Using an expert with real know-how and expertise in your sector or profession is all the more profitable because he or she will be better able to analyse your problems, respond effectively to them and make your project more productive.

A flexible ERP system

When you choose an ERP, it is important that it meets 80% of your company’s immediate needs, not to mention that it will have to meet your medium-term business strategy. The solution you choose must be flexible and modular to support you in your business.

Adapted to your staff

Choosing your ERP also means taking into account the user experience. The adoption and appropriation of an ERP for your company’s personnel is a major challenge because they will have to work daily on this tool. Each employee will have to be trained and accommodated.

The cost

The implementation of an ERP represents a significant but necessary expense for a company. Several parameters must be taken into account to properly calculate your budget and avoid unplanned expenses. An ERP is a long-term investment, both in terms of the purchase of the software and the hardware required for implementation, as well as the costs associated with employee training and maintenance costs. Ideally, you should analyze the feedback you expect on it.

The support

Beyond ERP, it is important to choose the right partner for the choice of your ERP. It is a guarantee of the success of your project. This partner will accompany you for several years at your side, he will be the guarantor of the proper functioning of the system set up.

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