Digital Transformation

Digital transformation allows any company to adapt to change in order to remain competitive or to develop its business.


Change to stay competitive

The transformation to digital presents a new challenge for companies that would like to improve their performance and show a competitive advantage in the market.

It is not only a question of aligning the information system with their business, but also with the reality of the economic and strategic environment and meeting new challenges.

At your disposition

We support you in carrying out your digital transformation. We work with you to address your most critical strategic issues.

We help small and large companies to transform themselves into solid and agile organizations, ready to anticipate the unpredictable, to adapt to change and competition.


Strategy - Fit4Digital - Project Management Support.


Strategy is an IT and e-business consulting service for SMEs wishing to digitise themselves.

This approach allows the company to define an IT and e-business strategy in the medium term (two or three years depending on the sector considered).

It corresponds to an IS analysis

  • Definition of the company’s strategy
  • Business process analysis and IT analysis
  • Definition of areas of progress and improvement to align the IT organization with the company’s vision

The computerization strategy

It is a structured approach based on 12 steps to support digital transformation

  • Allows to describe a transformation or collaborative innovation strategy
  • Assess financial feasibility and structure IT projects


Exclusively for Luxembourg.

Fit4Digital is a program aimed at helping Luxembourg SMEs wishing to take advantage of information and communication technologies in order to gain in competitiveness.

This state program, aimed at Luxembourg companies meeting several defined criteria, is responsible for carrying out a 360° diagnosis of the company’s organisation and processes in order to propose a digitisation action plan.

This financial assistance provided by the Ministry aims to support companies in their digital transformation.

For more information about the program, download the brochure below

Download the brochure

AMO –Project Management Support

To ensure the success of a transformation project or improve the operational performance of an entity, it is important to act in a coordinated manner on the organization and its processes, skills and tools, objectives and business management.

To do this, project management assistance allows you to adapt the project to the business and its users (e.g. ERP, CRM, GED, etc.), to guarantee the smooth running of projects (in terms of compliance with requirements, deadlines and budgets) and to meet business requirements through cost-effective, efficient and agile IT solutions.

What we offer you :

We ensure the success of your projects by guaranteeing you personalized advice.

The versatility of our team members offers you a global solution adapted to your company and your business.

We help you turn your digital challenges into opportunities. We make sure that your digital evolution corresponds to your objectives, your needs and your budget.


We help you define your objectives and a transformation plan that is consistent with your expectations, the challenges and also with your ability to achieve them.


We are developing a master plan to transform the information system in the coming years.


We design the digital strategy aligned with the business.


We define the sourcing strategy (outsourcing / internalization, build & run, cloud & SaaS).


We build a strategy to de-nest or merge the information system.


We offer you innovations and solutions that bring value to your business. .