Fit4digital: State aid for digitisation

Fit4digital: State aid for digitisation

OpenField, your partner in this program

This program, the result of a collaboration between Luxinnovation, the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Trades, aims to enable small and medium-sized companies to use the possibilities offered by information systems and digital technology to control their business development (or growth).

Eligible SMEs (according to well-defined criteria: turnover of less than €50 million for example, etc.) wishing to benefit from this programme can apply online on
OpenField, at OpenField, Fit4digital’s certified consultant, proposes to carry out the diagnosis within the candidate company in order to identify the opportunities related to digitalization aligned with the strategy of each company.

Luxinnovation’s role is to supervise the project and manage the administrative aspects.

The objective of the program

By following this approach, candidate companies will obtain a clear vision :

  • Priority computerization actions in line with their strategy
  • Opportunities related to the use of new technologies in their activity and internal organization
  • On how to manage the complexity of change from a technological, organizational and cultural point of view
  • The IT strategy and the concrete action plan to be implemented e

Financial support for SMEs

Various aid measures in favour of SMEs have been put in place by the Ministry of the Economy, initially concerning the diagnosis of the company and then the implementation of the project.

OpenField then proposes an encrypted action plan. This diagnosis is fully covered by the program and is 100% reimbursed by the Ministry.

As for the implementation of the project, the Ministry grants state aid up to 50% of the consultancy costs and investment aid is also granted for the hardware and software supported.

Luxembourg is providing a strong incentive for companies to take the step, which until now has been limited in number, to take advantage of this programme.

OpenField’s mission is to raise awareness, inform and guide Luxembourg companies in their digital transformation. Fit4digital will allow companies to remain competitive and conquer new markets. For further information on OpenField’s approach, please contact our experts directly