Opening in Metz – OpenField France

Opening in Metz – OpenField France

OpenField S.A., a Luxembourg company specialising in information systems management consulting and digital transformation, is setting up in Moselle with the opening of OpenField France. Founders Massimo Russo and Dominique Lo Sardo intend to take advantage of this presence on both sides of the border to promote new business relations between Lorraine and the Grand Duchy.


Based in the Metz Technopole, OpenField France specialises in Information Systems consulting, particularly in IT project management, data security and digital transformation, just like OpenField S.A., which has over 13 years of experience and expertise in Luxembourg.

We have been working for French clients for years now. Our expertise makes us a real added value on the Moselle market in the fields of digitalization support and IT security. The entry into force of the RGPD (General Regulations for Data Protection) has led to a strong increase in requests. We have therefore decided to be physically present in Metz to serve our customers as well as possible: SMEs, SMIs and institutions“, explains Dominique Lo Sardo.

Dominique Lo Sardo has chosen to personally manage OpenField France. “I have been working in Luxembourg for 25 years. But I am the original Messin. Our location in Metz is particularly close to my heart. I am proud to be able to create activity and wealth in my home town today. It is not every day that a Luxembourg company invests on the other side of the border,” says the director.

Optimizing Lorraine-Luxembourg relations

Director of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Luxembourg, member of the BCFL (Business Club France-Luxembourg), as well as of the Union des Entreprises 57, Dominique Lo Sardo also intends to take advantage of the creation of OpenField France to promote business relations between the two territories.


“There is a desire to develop cooperation, as highlighted by the Grand Duke’s recent visit to Paris, to which we were invited. Luxembourg and Lorraine need each other to continue to develop. It is important, therefore, to remove the brakes. I intend to contribute to making these exchanges more fluid because it will be beneficial to both partners,” says Dominique Lo Sardo.


OpenField France has moved to CESCOM, the Business Centre of SAEML Metz Techno’pôles. It officially started its activities at the beginning of November.

By setting up at CESCOM, Carrefour des rencontres professionnelles, OpenField France wishes to actively participate in the dynamism of the metropolitan and Lorraine area as well as the CESCOM Business Centre.

It is in this context that Open Field S.A. has joined the Myreseau Community of Metz Techno’pôles to lead the Digital Workshops as an Expert and Partner. The objective is to help companies and institutions wishing to take advantage of information and communication technologies in order to gain in competitiveness, and by respecting good practices in terms of security and IT methodology.

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