Outsourcing: Knowing the reasons and advantages

Outsourcing: Knowing the reasons and advantages

The reasons for this

Reducing and controlling operating costs is one of the reasons because when you outsource, you eliminate the costs associated with hiring an employee and thereby improve the company’s orientation.It is neither practical nor possible to be a handyman. Outsourcing allows you to focus on your core competencies while another company focuses on theirs. You benefit from the experience of a team of professionals with staff with appropriate training and certification.

Outsourcing allows you to gain flexibility and responsiveness. Each employee focuses on his or her main tasks.

The benefits include

Nowadays, technological developments in computer software and hardware are constantly increasing and quickly become obsolete for the company. It is difficult for a member of the company to stay informed about all its developments. Managed services give you the advantage of having an infrastructure that is constantly monitored, secured and updated by qualified professionals. And since this is the core competence of the specialized company, they can give you sound technical advice.

Outsourcing also represents a relief for long-term investments. Outsourcing IT tasks represents above all an important financial advantage for SMEs by eliminating the need to recruit staff to manage the company’s IT system. The company that uses managed services can save from 15% to 20%.

OpenField supports you

Managed services offer many advantages for a company. Before any decision is made, it is important to clearly formulate and communicate service goals and objectives. Define a contract with the partner company that includes all your expectations, especially the financial aspect.

Support is very important for any company: being accompanied to know the different steps, being advised to know the ways to integrate it into your business and with your staff. It is a support and a progressive change for any structure and a relationship of trust between the two parties is essential.

OpenField, expert en la matière, vous offre les conseils et compétences pour vous accompagner dans ce choix stratégique. Nous définissons ensemble les aspects de votre entreprise que vous souhaitez externaliser et nous vous accompagnons dans leur mise en place. 
OpenField, an expert in the field, offers you the advice and skills to support you in this strategic choice. We define together the aspects of your company that you want to outsource and we support you in their implementation.
OpenField is there to follow up your ambitious projects and provides assistance in the form of operational support and advice. Thanks to a varied experience in many fields, OpenField has the ability to support you in all your projects, help you assess profitability and guarantee you a return on investment.

To find out more about OpenField’s approach, contact our experts today.