Something New at OpenField !

Something New at OpenField !

Here we are again! There’s something new at OpenField!

New breath, new logo, new visual identity and new website. OpenField is proud to announce all these changes as part of the ongoing development of its business

OpenField is an information systems consulting firm, specialising in digital transformation, IT project management and data security.
Today, the company’s services are structured around several axes: support for transformation by taking into account aspects of the organization, processes and security of our customers’ information systems by enhancing their business and introducing the aspect of innovation.

There were four of them at the beginning in 2005, we are now twenty-eight. With more than 14 years of experience in Luxembourg, the company founded by Massimo Russo and Dominique Lo Sardo recently opened an office in Metz, France and saw its team double in size.

We are a design office with a very versatile team offering a tailor-made project management solution from A to Z, which answers the question that all managers ask themselves: How to optimize my business by using new technologies, ,” says Massimo Russo, the company’s CEO. In addition, we are increasingly valuing the skills of our experts in the context of outsourcing to our customers. This service is growing rapidly and fully meets the new needs of our customers.

These changes naturally led the company in 2019 to a redesign of the website in order to better present all OpenField’s services, i.e. digital transformation, security, governance and outsourcing. An opportunity to show the dynamism that the company wants to convey. A fun, dynamic and ambitious team.

Without drawing a line on the past, OpenField has decided to review its entire visual identity to give a new look to communication. The graphic charter has been given to the tastes of the day while keeping the DNA of the founders.

Fruit de nombreuses discussions, les échassiers qui furent la base de l’ancien logo, sont toujours là mais se tournent résolument vers l’avenir.
The result of many discussions, the waders that were the basis of the old logo are still there but are resolutely looking to the future. New colours, new graphics, new fonts, new icons…a mix of simplicity, modernity and sobriety.

Two communication agencies to help it in its two projects: the redesign of the website, carried out by the We are Quattro agency, is in total harmony with the company’s values, which are independence and integrity, trust and respect, as well as innovation and openness. As for the visual identity, it is signed by Onebox, which understood the wishes of the two founders and adapted it to all media. 

These many changes illustrate the company’s evolution and mark a new stage in its history. They are driving its new international expansion strategy and its ambition: to raise awareness and support companies in their own strategic changes, so that they can create value for their customers and evolve with confidence. Straight on to the good years to come and especially to many other projects.

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